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Detect and Stop Data Breaches in Real Time with FortiEDR

Stop Cyberattacks with FortiEDR and Bolster Your Home Defenses Too

Stop Cyberattacks with Advanced, Automated Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response

and Control

Discover and control rogue devices and applications based on risk mitigation policies.

Automatically detect and defuse potential threats in real time – even on compromised devices.

Detect and Defuse in Real Time

Use customizable contextual incident response playbooks that automate incident response.

Automatic Incident Response

Integration with Google Security Command Center establishes an additional data lake for XDR functionality.

with Google SCC

Gain Efficient Security

Stop Attacks

Eliminate alert fatigue and optimize operations with customizable incident response processes.

Instantly stop breaches and prevent data loss and ransomware damage with no dwell time.

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Detect and Stop Data Breaches in Real Time with FortiEDR

Schedule Your Product Demo Now to Get a FREE Google Nest Cam


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Security Risks and Challenges of Cloud Computing

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Evaluating Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solutions

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Protecting the Cloud in a Hybrid Work World

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FortiEDR Delivers Real-Time, Automated Endpoint Protection and Response

Learn how FortiEDR detects and blocks ransomware and other file-less attacks to stop breaches in real time.


“Magnificent malware prevention and forensic capabilities”

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